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​​​​​Castle Lake Mastiffs

​​​~From the moment I got my first Mastiff, my heart was stolen by this magnificent animal. I completely fell in love and became passionate about the breed, so I couldn't have only one. Each of my Mastiffs have their own distinct personality bringing so much happiness into my life each and every day, I can't imagine ever being without a Mastiff. There is a very special bond that you have with a Mastiff.
~Because of the love and devotion I have for this breed, I decided to take it to the next level and started showing my dogs in the conformation ring. With great mentors and very caring people who understand the dog show world, I was able to grow and become successful with showing. But my dogs are not just show dogs or breeding stock, they are my heart and soul companions and members of my everyday life.
~A move from the city to the country allowed me to grow with my Mastiffs. While being a member and recognized breeder of the Mastiff Club of America ‘MCOA’, a member of the Lone Star Mastiff Fanciers ‘LSMF’, and a Charter member of the Five Star Mastiff Club ‘FSMC’ allowed me to discover the direction I wanted to take in the future.  After several years of competing and learning the best qualities great Mastiff must have, I started my own breeding program. This was the beginning of Castle Lake Mastiffs.
~I'm not a large kennel, but occasionally I do breed that I think will be an outstanding litter of puppies in every way. My mission and goal is to produce powerful, athletic, healthy purebred Mastiffs that live up to the AKC breed standards and whose personalities make them an excellent and rewarding member of the family. If I have a breeding planned, it is carefully thought out with a very selective dog and bitch focusing on health testing, temperament, structure, and soundness, while maintaining type and preventing the introduction of genetic flaws into my line.
~As important as the breeding is, carefully selecting and matching of new puppies with their forever families is a very important responsibility I have as a breeder. This is a lifelong investment for the family and the puppy. It is especially  important to learn what (and how) it takes to own a Mastiff, all the while asking, “Is this the right breed for me and my family.” Mastiffs are very large indoor dogs. You will find that they follow you everywhere just to be close to you and with this comes with a huge desire for them to please. The love and affection that you will share with these beautiful dogs is unbelievably rewarding. If you have shared your life with a Mastiff before, then you know that special bond .
~My involvement with this breed has led me to believe in my responsibilities to help with the betterment of the Mastiff breed. I enjoy any opportunity to share my love for these beautiful dogs and to educate anyone interested in learning more about them.